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Glam Education Academy

Nail Education + Certifications

Glam Education Academy

We founded Glam Education Academy with one goal in mind, connect Nail Technicians with talented Educators from around the world.  It was the driving force behind Danielle opening her own studio.  We offer many resources for nail techs who are interested in improving their skills and increasing their knowledge.  Danielle teaches many private classes and Akzentz certifications.  These classes can be taught in person or online.  We try to keep the price point affordable for our students.   We also invite desirable instructors to our training studio where they can connect with eager minds!  If you have been thinking about signing up for a class, make the leap!  You will never regret expanding your skillset or perfecting your craft.

*If you are an educator who would potentially like to instruct a class at Glam Education Academy, contact Danielle at

Akzentz ACE "Gold Status" Educator

Danielle has been through vigorous training and testing to prove her skills and abilities as a nail master and educator before being able to certify other nail technicians.  She passed the ACE Exam in 2016 and is now one of Akzentz Most Elite.

She was given the title Akzentz Certified Educator (ACE).

 Akzentz only works with the best.  They put a tremendous amount of training and education into every one of their educators.  

In Late Summer Danielle found out she was the recipient of Gold Educators Status.  Only a chosen few get to hold this honor.


Akzentz Gel Certifications

Akzentz has set itself apart from much of the nail industry by having superior products and an extremely knowledgeable team.

If you are interested in learning more about the company and some of its amazing product lines,

or trying to develop your skills with gel, get Akzentz Certified with Danielle!  

Akzentz offers four Certification Courses, Pro-formance, Luxio, Optionz, and Gel Play.

You will receive an authentic Akzentz certificate for each Akzentz Certification you purchase and complete.

Read more about the different options below.

Private Lessons & Online Workshops

 Danielle also offers 1 on 1 private lessons/workshops.  These workshops are exclusively created by Danielle and offer non-product specific training (which ever products you are comfortable with, although Akzentz is LIFE).

 Danielle is a licensed master technician and certified educator.

Danielle strongly recommends, always make sure you check into an educator before paying!

Danielle specializes in working with beginner and advanced students and nail technicians on every level.  

Each class offers comprehensive techniques, which evolve several times a year to keep up with the industries ever-changing trends

and techniques.  These classes can also be tweaked if there is an area or topic you would like to add.

Scheduling Policy

Please contact Danielle directly at CONTACT@THEGLAMSHOPPE.NET before or after purchase to set up a class date. 

Danielle normally books private classes on Sundays or Mondays.  Any other day will carry a fee of $150.

Danielle primarily educates out of THE GLAM SHOPPE, Lincoln, RI.

If you would prefer, Danielle can travel to you!   She will travel for 1 or more students.  

Please email her to talk about travel cost and to set up a custom class.

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