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This class will cap at 8 people.


The Location and Date for this Class:


Sunday, November 15th, 2020

10:30 am - 5 pm (30  Min Lunch Break)


The Glam Shoppe

Glam Education Academy

1525 Old Louisquisset Pike

Lincoln, RI 02865

Approx. 40 Mins from BOSTON

Approx. 2.5 Hours from NYC

Approx. 1 Hour from CONN- Foxwoods/Mohegan Sun Area


Each student will have their own work area spaced out from others.

Each student will receive a class product kit.

The kit will be filled with products we will be using and creating nails with in class.

The acrylic and gel will be from Valentino Beauty Pure

The nail bits and nail art supplies will be from The Glam Shoppe.

As an option, Danielle will be offering an extra special kit upgrade.  This will double the product value from $125 to $250, you will get a ton of extras and nail art goodies! You can add the extra special kit for only $75 more! So you will get a full day of top notch education, and $250 in product FOR ONLY $200! You can choose this option in the drop down menu :)



Danielle will be teaching techniques that she uses daily in the salon. These are skills that will help:

- Your overall service quality and speed

- Refining your process and cutting unnecessary steps

- Taking the perfect photo to showcase your hard work

- How to standout and build your nail career


What to expect:

In the morning we will start with a thorough electric file, nail prep. This is a full e file prep that can be used across many mediums seamlessly. After perfecting nail prepping, we will move into Hard Gel Application and Shaping, Followed by gel refills, broken nails, and removals. You will also learn some gel art techniques that can be used to boost the overall cost of the service. After a short 30-min lunch break, Danielle will continue class. We will move into Acrylic nails. Including, sculpting, proper form application, and perfect tip application. We will also cover encapsulated acrylic art and abstract acrylic cut designs. Danielle always likes to touch upon trouble shooting for any issues that may arise during your nail servicing, and also she likes to talk in detail about her journey in the nail industry and her award-winning social media network.


What you need to bring:

A Lunch or Snack (30 Min Break)

Nail Basics + Supplies Including:

-Extension Cord

-UV/LED lamp

-Desk Lamp

-Table Towels

-Lint Free Wipes


-Hand Sanitizer

-Cuticle Nippers

-Cuticle Pusher

-Nail Files

- Nail Bits Including:

( *Mandrel*, Sanding Bands, A Carbide or Ceramic Removal Bit, Cuticle Care Diamond Bits, Danielle sells high quality professional nail bits, if you need to purchase any prior to class.  Class kit includes one post application cross cut diamond bit to smooth out the product before finishing valued at $24.99.)

-Electric Nail File

(Danielle sells a high caliber Pro Efile if you are looking for a very professional one., Also she has some to lend for classes, first come first serve $30/fee to use one)

-Gel Polish Colors/Gel Art Paints (Danielle will have some to share if needed)

-Your Favorite Monomer ( Danielle will have Valentino Monomer to share if needed.)

-Acrylic Application Brush

-Gel Application Brush

-Detail Brushes for Art

-Embellishments (Crystals, Studs, Flowers, Decals, can be used for your final nail which will be posted on social media)


*Danielle has tons of supplies in the studio that she doesn't mind sharing, but due to covid, we would prefer only giving out the new unopened items which come in your kits.  So please, if possible, bring your own supplies for the items listed above.  If you need anything, please let Danielle know in advance so she can have it ready for you on the day of class, text her personally 401-433-8692 and let her know what items you may need to borrow :)



Glam Education Academy - Sculpt + Apply + Shape - Hands On Class

$250.00 Regular Price
$125.00Sale Price
  • You will be asked the morning of class to sign a waiver stating you have not been knowingly exposed to covid-19 in the last 30 days.  That you do not have a fever or any flu like symptoms, nor do any family members or co workers. Depending on the current requirements at the time of the class, other measures may be asked of you as well.  We know its annoying but we just want everyone to be safe and healthy, so we can make some magic the day of class!

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