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This is a full day of education (6Hours)
4 hours Application & 2 hours Art
Part One 
- Nail Structure & Application Class (4 Hour Course)
Comprehensive novice class. Teaching the important fundamentals of sculpting perfect salon style enhancements. Learn all the basics from scratch.  Nail school usually leaves people wanting more!  They do not get into the areas that will make you a successful nail technician.  We start from square one with nail health, nail prep, product knowledge, form placement, proper structure, application and different salon style shapes. Basic Efile knowledge will also be given,  In class you will sculpt natural nails enhancements and reinforce your confidence.
Complimentary Class Product Kit Valued at $200+
Receive a Certificate in the area of study upon completion.

Part 2
 - Salon Style Gel Art Certification (2Hrs)
Learn the newest nail art techniques trending around the world. Learn to create beautiful gel works of art; quickly. You will be taught how to increase your income by adding nail art to your service list. Areas of study: abstract and detailed gel art, line work and negative space, Swarovski crystal designs and adhesion, basic 3d gel designs, textured gel art, and lots more.
You will Receive-A Gel Art Product Kit Valued at $200+
You will receive a certification upon completition.

Gel Application & Art Course (Novice)

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