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30 Per Pack. 
*We also offer 100pc With Storage Box. 

We have worked with one of the top abrasive manufacturers in Japan to create and perfect our Glam Nail Bit line.  Our Glam Mandrel and Glam Sanding Bands are our favorites!  Every Nail Technician needs to use a mandrel on a daily basis, but how many like theirs?  Sanding bands to flimsy or too plasticy?  There’s a lot of companies who create a product that looks like a usable item just so you’ll buy one!  Once you get them you try them and hate them!  Most small ticket items aren’t worth the aggravation to return, so you throw them in a draw somewhere and never look at them again. This is the cold truth!  Well you’ve finally found a SANDING BAND that you will love!  

Our BEST EVER GLAM SANDING BANDS come in 6 options:

Glam Ultimate Zebra Bands (Fine)
Glam Ultimate Zebra Bands (Medium)
Glam Ultimate Zebra Bands (Course)

Glam Ultimate Copper Bands (Fine)
Glam Ultimate Copper Bands (Medium)
Glam Ultimate Copper Bands (Course)

•••Pro Tips:•••

- Classic Copper Medium Grit
Great for acrylic or gel enhancement maintenance and smoothing out product. 
- Glam Zebra Medium Grit
Great for acrylic or gel services and offer a long usage life because they can be sanitized using an alcohol spritz between clients. (Do not soak in sanitizer) 
- Glam Zebra Fine Grit
Great for natural nail services including manicures, gel manicures, gel toe services,  and thin overlay type services. Smoothing is made easy and so comfortable for the client!

Another option—-> All of our sanding bands pair amazing with out Easy on/off Glam Ultimate Mandrel and if you’re not sure which Sanding Bands will be right for you, we offer a package that includes a Mandrel and a 10 of each sanding band to try it out and get you started. It’s listed under Nail Bits. 

•••About our Sanding Bands•••
All of our sanding bands are made from high quality sand paper created with our partners at a top Japanese Abrasives company. What makes our bands different from our competitors is that we offer a stable, smooth, consistent product. No glue bumps or awkward shaped misfits in our packs. Our bands are formulated with a silicone and rubber core that helps reduce heat displacement and helps keep the sanding band running at a smooth setting. We also love that they can be easily cleaned and reused by spritzing with 99% alcohol in a spray bottle. You never want to soak them cause the outer coating is essentially sand paper and liquid and paper doesn’t work out well lol. Danielle usually can get a full week if use from one or two medium bands. 

Although our Sanding Bands will work with other Mandrels... We love our Glam Mandrel and really recommend using it with our sanding bands for a perfected performance every day!

‘The Best Ever’ Glam Ultimate Sanding Bands | 30 Pc Trial Pack |

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