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Perfect textured backdrops for all of your nail and accessory photos! Ever wonder what your favorite bloggers and influencers use to make their pics so perfect?! Photo mats! We have a huge selection to choose from and you cannot beat the price! Each listing can only host 10 photos, so be sure to check the color selection in the other listings as well!

- Most are actually textured mats, either with Glam Glitter, Mylar, sand, or a combo of all three.


- Dimensions are 6 x 6 inches

- We try our best to keep them perfect during shipping, if for some reason your mat ever becomes curved, keep your photo mat pressed between two heavy flat objects. Large books work well.

- We will be introducing faux fur fluffy mats in February as well! Danielle’s favorite backdrops!

Glam Premium Photo Backdrop Mats

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