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Glam Glitter was started by nail technician Danielle Costantino.  She saw a need to improve a very simplistic product.  Glitter.  Everyone loves glitter and there is endless possibilities of creation with glitter.  Here at Glam Glitter we strive to keep our eye on quality and consistency above all else. Our glitters may look similar to others but we have many incentives over our competitors products.


Why is Glam Glitter so amazing?

  • Hand curated in small detail oriented batches for consistency

  • We purchase in bulk from health conscious manufactures

  • All of our glitters are 100% cosmetic grade

  • Our glitters a made from mylars that are colored when they are created not sprayed and coated with chemicals

  • Our glitters can be used by nail and makeup artists with no worries of client reactions

  • Our glitters are cut with lasers for precision and perfected designs


Glam Glitter was formulated and created with artists and beauty professionals in mind!  We tried to eliminate all the issues you’ve experienced with other brands.


Problems with other brands, cheaper ebay/alibaba products-

  • Peeling

  • Bleeding

  • Inconsistent cuts and quality

  • Dangerous chemical coatings and dyes

  • Health reactions over time for the tech and client

  • Seeping chemicals into the nail and makeup products you mix it with


Glam Glitter- Pinkish 2mm Square

  • #LB901-2-SQ

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