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A beautiful addition to your Glam Nail Bit collection! This Limited Edition Set features 5 Russian Manicure Bits. These are not your average European quality. Our diamond bits are manufactured in Japan for Glam Nail Bits exclusively. We designed our bit collection with three things in mind, [ Quality ] we want to retain your business and keep our nail friends happy! [ Functionality ] we have always been big believers in the saying, “If it’s not broke, don’t fix it!” But as nail techs we tend to be product hoarders. Why is that?! Because we see pretty shiny products and eye catching nail art and want to own it! We try to make all of our bits multifunctional. We have formulated each bit to complete several tasks. Not just one product for one purpose.  We also want to make sure all of our bits work well, and are easy to use as a beginner or professional. Top quality diamond bits, With additional protection called a nano coating

New! Glam Rainbow Coated Diamond Russian Mani Set with Case | 5 Bits + Case

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