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We have worked with one of the top abrasive manufacturers in Japan to create and perfect our Glam Nail Bit line.  Our Glam Specialty Mandrel is one of our favorites!  Every Nail Technician needs to use a mandrel on a daily basis, but how many like theirs?  

--- Most of them vibrate and create a large amount of friction and heat.  Some of them are impossible to remove the sanding bands from the bit without a fight. Others have so many parts that it's a process to use them. We tried to eliminate all of the issues you may have experienced with other brands.


Key features that make the Glam Mandrel so amazing-

  • Perfect for acrylic or gel users.

  • Work with any brand e-file.

  • Perfect length shaft, which is easy to use with a vacuum attachment.

  • One part, less issues with pieces and parts breaking off.

  • Soldered outer sleeve, which expands and contracts to easily apply and remove the sanding bands.

  • Tight fit. No vibration, so no issues with the bands loosening up and popping off.

  • Steel shaft for additional strength and stability while using this bit.


What's Included?

We will send you….

  • 1 Glam Specialty Mandrel



We also sell a varitety of top quality sanding bands to use with our mandrel.  





Glam Specialty Mandrel

SKU: GNB001-1
  • We recommend using the Glam Mandrel with the Glam Top Notch Sanding Bands.  Although other brands will also fit, we like ours the best!  They fit our Glam Mandrel perfectly and come in 3 awesome grit patterns. They are fabricated with high quality sandpaper with a rubber core to reduce heat and help with vibration distribution.  They are also sanitizable and reusable.  Easily spritz with 99% alcohol.


  • To clean and disinfect your bits properly, remove the sanding band between each client.  Soak in a sanitizing tray or jar for no more than 15 minutes.  You can also use a ultrasonic cleaner for 90 seconds or whatever the manufacturer recommends.  Never leave bits in chemicals or water all day/overnight.  Prolonged exposure can break down the coatings on even the best quality bits.

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