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This set is sure to impress. •You start off by removing the old gel color or old acrylic with a GLAM Mighty Safety bit. This bit is great, it has a large barrel for smooth and simple removal. A rounded top for maximum safety when using on a client. Also great cause the teeth on the head if the bit work well to get in and remove product around the cuticle area and sidewalls with out a sharp edge digging into the nail plate. •Next start to smooth the product and get rid of any ridges or lifting using your GLAM Best Ever Mandrel. We call it the best ever because we recurved so many emails telling us just that, it’s the best ever!  It’s easy on and easy off, plus ultra low vibration. Use your mandrel to reshape and sharpen up that shape and sidewalks. Also use it to rebalance.• After smoothing everything out now it’s time to go in and clean the cuticle area using your GLAM Classic Unicorn bit. This bit is amazing. Its Tapered shape lifts and cleans cuticle debris and also allows you to polish the skin along the side walls and on the dry areas of skin on the finger or toe.Basically everything you need For a every day Salon prep for gel or acrylic. *We Recommend • If you are working on natural nails daily and would prefer a carbide that was very gentle pick the Fine Carbide. If you’re in the salon working on gel every day I would choose the Medium or the Course Carbide. If you’re working with acrylic I would choose the Course Carbide.

Glam Quickie Perfect Prep Set ⭐️

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