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We have worked with one of the top abrasive manufacturers in Japan to create and perfect our Glam Nail Bit line.  Our Glam Ultra Medium Bullet Carbide is one of our favorites!  Every Nail Technician has a “go to” carbide.  Something you feel comfortable to use quickly and safely on a daily basis. This Carbide will make you forget all about you favorite!  It has large teeth and channels to shave and remove layers of product easily and smoothly like butter.  It whisks the product away from the nail pulling the friction and heat away as well.  We have engineered this bit with an experienced and confident techs in mind!  This bit will speed up your prep and removal time, and it will also cut down on friction and heat. Upgrade you services today and try out our Glam Ultra Medium Bullet Carbide!  This is a great every day bit and can easily be added to your line up!  Great quality and will hold up with daily use.  We recommend using this bit with gel polish services on a low to medium speed. It is great for removing gel manicures fast and efficiently.

What we DID NOT like about our competitors bits----
Vibrates cause multiple problems for tech, client, and handpiece

Causes heat spikes

Takes multiple passes over the same area

Can only be used down the center of the nail

Small channels cause product to build up and makes cleaning very hard

Dulls very quickly causes hand and wrist fatigue

Coating wear off easily causing bit to discolor or rust

Why our Glam Ultimate Medium Bullet Carbide is so amazing---

Nano coating is a super shield to protect the bit from wearing down quickly. Also helps reduce the heat that would normally be passed on to the nail.

Our Bit is constructed with steel and is produced to be long lasting and not wear down over time

Very powerful head and sturdy carbide shaft

Cone like shape makes getting all the product from the cuticles and sidewall areas off quickly and safely

Large deep channels pull product and heat away from the nail

Sharp teeth, shave product instead of grinding it which causes heat

Large teeth and channels make cleaning a breeze

Sturdy construction helps eliminate vibration

Entire surface area has a purpose and is usable

Tip also has teeth to remove product with the top of the bit or the belly of the bit.

Great for hard gel or acrylic enhancements. May be used for gel manicure removal if you are experienced with an e-file.

Glam Nano Coated Ultimate Bullet Carbide (Medium or Course)

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