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Great bit for beginners starting with gel or acrylic application. I use this bit to remove extra product around the sidewalls and the cuticle area. If you gel or acrylic runs into tight places, you can quickly and efficiently use this mini bullet snapped carbide to get in and zap out the product and seal in the natural nail. That way you won’t get a ton of lifting and water penetration over the course of the application wear. 

* Some people use this as a cuticle removing type of bit. If you do, please be careful not to run into the soft skin or nail plate, as this is a carbide (although the grooves are tiny and shallow) not a diamond bit. So if you run it on the natural nail too much, it will cause a ring to be beveled into the nail plate. Called rings of fire. 

Glam Nail Bits - Glam Mini Bullet Hard Debris Cuticle Area Bit

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