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Very fine pigment powders ready for mixing with a medium for acrylic nails, gel nail art & many other arts & craft needs. In normal daytime conditions the pigment crystals are brightly colored and visible during the day. However, under Black Light they charge and react with a "glowing" ambient light in the dark. These powders require a UV/Black Light in order to be seen in the dark; they DO NOT GLOW in the dark. PLEASE NOTE: THESE ITEMS ARE NOT GLOW IN THE DARK- THEY ARE UV FLUORESCENT ONLY. ALSO NOTE: as is common RED generally fluoresces an orange-red color (SEE PICTURES). Please use a mask when working with these pigments powders- they are so fine they are easily inhaled.

15gr of each powder with 10 colors in the set. The white is semi sheer.

No refunds or exchanges on cosmetic products.

Glam Neon UV Glo Pure Pigment Set in Case

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