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Glam Glitter is now offering all our glitters and custom mixes to come premixed with clear acrylic!  Our Clear Acrylic is as clear as glass for ultra-dimensional shine with your glitter designs and encapsulation!!  We premix it for you with precise measurements to give you the glitter coverage you desire.
Heres how it works:
1.) Browse our Glam Glitter selection and make a note of the glitter(s) you want to order Premixed.
2.) On this product page, choose the size option you would like, and in the comment area provide us with the names of our Glam Glitters you would like premixed.
3.) If you would like to create your own custom mix, you can choose up to 5 single strand glitters and we will mix them all together with our clear base for you!


** If you are ordering multiple premixed acrylics, please use as much detail as possible so we can create your item properly.
 Example:   #1 ( Size 1 Oz.) Color Marissas Unicorn, #2 (Size 1/4Oz)  Falling Skies Ultra Fine + Chrome Roses Fine + Pinkish 1/10 Hex

Glam Acrylic | Custom Mixed Glitter Powders (2 Sizes)

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