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Marble, Crystals, and 2 different brush heads! Yup this brush is EVERYTHING!

You will receive:
1 x double ended brush mega brush!

•One side is a genuine Kolinsky, size #6, 3d Art or Structure & Application Brush, firm enough to use with acrylic, or polygel.  Can be massaged and played with until it softens up. Then its ready to use as a perfect pro gel sculpting brush. Also great for a product clean up brush to keep as a pointy ended brush for removing excess product from near the cuticle area and sidewalls.

•The other side is a genuine Kolinsky #00 Liner Brush. Great for fine detail work with gel polish, gel paints, or acrylic paints.  Liner brush is so fine, it is perfect for beginners learning line work or professionals painting works of art!
•Please remember to store on its side, in a brush case, or in a table top brush rest.
***PRO TIP:    If you accidently bend it, by storing it in a cup, just heat water to tea temp. and while hot, dip bent hair straight down into water, count to ten with the brush submerged, and slowly drag out of the water.  Voila! It should be instantly restored!

Glam Pro ‘Both Ways’ Super Brush

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