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You will recieve one set (#1 and #2) of Jenny's Secret.


Jenny's Secret is a ultra strong gem bonding gel.  You can use it to bond small, medium, and large crystals and charms.


You must use the combo of Product #1 to set the stones in and Product #2 to seal the stones in.


Jenny Bui, world reknown celebrity Nail Artist, best known for her amazing creations on the Superstar Cardi B.  Jenny has formulated Jenny's Secret  product combo so we can all get the results she gets on her highend clientele.  When your placing thousands of dollars of diamonds and genuine gems on a client, you want them to stay put!  Jenny guarentees that her product (when used correctly) will outlast other options!


Try today! Danielle will be doing a special demo using the product on her instagram on April 10th.  Tune in to her Instagram ---



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Bling Queen Jenny's Secret Combo #1+#2 for Adhering Crystals (@nailson7th)

  • No UV/LED gel lamp required.


    1. Apply a drop of Crystal Adhesive #1 where you like to place the crystal. 2. Once you are satisfied with the placement of the crystal. Apply Crystal Finisher #2 around the crystal to seal in place.


    Apply Step 1 where you would like

    to place the stones, then place

    stones. The adhesive will still be wet, so

    the stones may move. Use step 2 to

    dry the ashesive once your stones are in

    place. No LED Light is required.


    VERY IMPORTANT:  Always wipe off the rim of the bottle on your Jenny Secret #1, otherwise it can become stuck.  Use acetone between use to cleanse any product that may have leaked or dripped.  

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