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Danielle Costantino

Danielle is an award winning gel nail artist and educator.  Danielle has numerous certifications and is constantly adding to her knowledge and education.  Eternal student turned educator.  Danielle has been doing nails for over 8 years.  In November 2017, Danielle took a leap, in hopes of continuing her professional growth.  The Glam Shoppe is a Nail and Lash Studio and also an Education Academy.  She is always willing to guide and mentor other artists. She loves watching her students develop through her educational academy. Danielle most recently started a new venture.  Creating and sell top quality nail and cosmetic items to professionals wanting something new and different.  Danielle has a full clientele but is occasionally able to squeeze in a new client, worth a try!  Click HERE to give it a try!
Owner, Award Winning Master Nail Artist,
Swarovski Authorized Nail Art Educator,
Akzentz "ACE GOLD" Educator 2016, 2017, 2018
USA Social Media Savvy Award Winner 2017 & 2018
Nails Magazine Next Top Nail Artist Finalist Season 2

Marissa Rossi

Licensed Cosmetologist, Certified Lash Artist in
Classic and Volume Lash Extensions.
Marissa is a Rhode Island licensed Cosmetologist with a focus on creating gorgeous lash extensions.  Marissa is extremely skilled in the art of lashing.  She holds certifications in the areas of classic and volume lash extensions.  She is a savior to her clients, who have been wronged somewhere else by the time the find Marissa.  She is a very patient and nurturing individual who wants what is best for all of her clients.  She can help you achieve the lashes of you dreams, whether you have virgin lashes or your natural lashes have been compromised from another lash "artist".  She takes pride in bringing your lashes back to life and exceeding you standards with full, long, healthy extensions.  Book with Marissa today! Follow her on Instagram for photos of her work.
The Glam Shoppe wants the best of the best!  If you think you would like to join our team, confidentially email us!
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